Monday, April 21, 2008

Liquid Assets

I seem to be having lots of little issues lately. If something could or might go a little wrong- it does. I am pretty sure nobody has ever done what I did today. I was at the bank depositing a couple checks. Josh was yelling for a booger sucker (yes- he has confused what I use to suck snot out of Jake's nose.. with a lollipop) and I was fiddling to hurry and fill out the deposit slip. In between my legs I had one of those big plastic water bottles...kinda looks like the thing banks use to collect what your depositing. I continued to put each check in what I thought was the banks little collector dealy. NO..... I was putting it into the waterbottle, full of water. How dumb I felt when I had to beep the lady to explain why all my checks were sopping wet.

(From my friend Megan)


Putz said...

i am the you know what that means? it means i am always doing things like you it is oldsheimer disease. in my youth it was awkwarness, in my adulthood it was being excentric, but it is all being a putz that started with my mother who was nicely endowed with large breast and would drop food on them while eating and say"oh darn what have i done and try to wipe it off while jiggling ...she is dead at age 59, but i will fondly remember her putzyness

Putz said...

you must be mrs. putzy....i have never heard of anyone putting checks in their water bottles