Friday, January 11, 2008

Has anyone seen my marbles?

Emily -- I'm taking the liberty of posting this one for you (cut and pasted from your e-mail), since it was part of the inspiration to start this blog!

So I go into the kitchen to finish unloading the groceries and as I'm putting away the strawberries I see another case of strawberries already in the fridge that I bought yesterday. Hello?! Then, I decide to super glue two magnets to the back of my newly purchased dry-erase eraser so I can keep it up on the whiteboard, and I try to unscrew the lid. After 4 or 5 unsuccessful attempts, I assume that I have to unscrew the whole thing instead of just the cap, and right as I am trying to figure out how to make it work and I'm reading the front part of the bottle that says "goof proof," I manage to spill superglue all along the inside of my hand in between my third and fourth finger, pooling right to where my wedding ring is. (I'm just taking this whole eternal marriage thing being SEALED to your spouse so seriously, I wanted to make sure my wedding ring would never come off.) So of course I have to spend the next 10 mintues trying to see if I can get any of it off, and I finally give up and resign myself to feeling like a leper for the next few days until my totally chafed skin sheds off. I put the q-tips away upstairs and realize that there is a brand new box sitting right where I am trying to put the one I just bought. At dinner I realize I never gave Kyle the message from several days ago which primary class he has now and that he is supposed to teach tomorrow, I open the wrong end of the butter box so that I can't re close it, so I put it back on top of the two already opened butter boxes that are crowding the door of the fridge and not fitting, and decide that I have pretty much lost my marbles.

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