Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shopping Cart Love Lost

So after losing my phone at Disneyland (where yes, people are better and nicer and it was returned to the Space Mountain front desk) --I realized cargo pockets don't hold everything in if you go hurtling about in the dark round and round, and made a mental note to try and not misplace things that are important to me.

Less than 24 hours later, I'm just swinging by the grocery store (luckily it wasn't raining so I didn't need an umbrella bag) to pick up a few things--you know, only like $20 bucks worth of the quick things like banannas, a bell pepper, some lysol, couple things of ice cream etc. And I think I started talking on my newly recovered phone or something, cause when I got home, went inside and started unloading the plastic bags (plural) I only had one plastic bag (singular). What the...?! Did I leave it in the car? Checked, nope. Where in the...?! Could I have possibly left it at the grocery store? Did the dang checkout kid not give me one of my bags?! Do I really drive back to the store when it might not even be there, and they'll just laugh at me like I'm escaped?

So I asked my roommate if I should go back, and after ascertaining that there was ice cream involved, he advised there was no question about returning. So back to the store I went and walked in. And after giving a steely eye to that dang checkout kid, I look past him and there it was:

Lovely. Yup. He did his job well, and I promptly left it in the cart and walked out of the store. That's my bag, don't worry about it, I got it. At least no one was like, "Hey free Ben and Jerry's ice cream and walked off with it...Welcome to my World.

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