Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Umbrella Bags

I can just see the headline:
"Woman suffocates in mall parking lot. Two-year old and 4 month old boy found alone in the rain."

Well, good thing I realized how dumb I am before it got to that point. Here's what actually happened.

Okay, so I went to the mall yesterday in the rain, (without an umbrella of course)and when I got inside Von Maur, I saw this little stand that said "complimentary umbrella bags" and I thought, "hey, one of those could really come in handy for me on the way out." So, after visiting Old Navy and feeding Jake while Ethan played in the little indoor playground (I think all of that took us about 3 hours) I made it back to the umrella bag stand. I was glad for a landmark to tell me i was at the right door because i have been known to go out the wrong door and not be able to find my car... Anyway, after getting Jake all bundled up in the stroller and Ethan's hat and coat and my coat on, and keys ready, and everything consolidated so we wouldn't have to stand too long in the rain, I decided to try out one of those complimentary bags since I didn't have an umbrella. "I'll just grab one and hold it over my head and it will keep me dry. That's so cool that they have those there for you if you forget to bring your umbrella." Right. So the thing is long and skinny and I'm trying to figure out how to sort of put it over my head and I'm thinking, "I'm going to suffocate myself if I put this on! How is this supposed to work?!" After asking Ethan again not to run through the doors and out into the parking lot until I'm ready, I had the epiphany. "Wait a second, this is not a bag to be used as an umbrella--this is a bag FOR your umbrella." It's long and skinny--shaped exactly like and umbrella--so that when you get inside, you can put the thing over your wet umbrella and then stick it back in your bag and it won't get everything all wet.
I am a moron.
But at least I didn't actually put it on, right?
I hope somebody from a distance got a good laugh. :)

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Kuya said...

oh my gosh. I laughed so hard. I needed that. thank you dearly. So great. oh. still laughing hours later...